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Our Story

“Something for the bold, the passionate—those who #LiveColorfully. Made ethically in the USA with zero corporate input.”


Our Quality

Everything we create at Liqui is limited edition. And designed by Liquiman. We focus on women’s and men’s apparel. Everything is handmade, hand-cut and sewn. Right here in the USA.

Our threads are woven with moisture-wicking microfiber yarn. Which is as high-performance as yarn gets. Our colors are like our customers. Bright and bold. Thanks to a special printing process that also preserves the color over time.

Our collections are over ten deep at the moment. For women, we have offer: dresses, skirts, miniskirts, yoga, sport and fashion leggings and crop tops, tees, tanks and socks. For men, we offer tees, tanks, totes and socks. Enjoy our latest products: LiquiDuffle—which comes in three sizes, and LiquiTowel a 30"x60" super-soft beach towel. Drumroll please. Our flagship product, our LiquiHoodie, just dropped. They’re dope. Buttery-soft fabric precisely cut to your measurements, if desired. 

We attract a variety of people. Some already know what they want. Others are exploring their love for modern design. Brighten up your day at the beach or in the boardroom. Just like that. We love that feeling.

It’s not hard to get lost looking at our products. The detail in garment and design expresses the essence of “living colorfully”. It's a bold new visual aesthetic. For a brave new world. Brought to you by Liqui.

The Art

Liquiman is a US-born, internationally award-winning graphic designer, creative director and artist.

Although never discriminating, Liquiman mainly works with liquid acrylic paint, on canvas because of its vibrational qualities. While most paintings are made by moving, shaking by hand or blowing on large sheets of canvas, a new series is currently being created using sound vibration to create the final visual outcome. 


The Brand

Liqui: Live Colorfully | Reset 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | State of Mind 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | Barrels 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | Keep Walkin’ 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | Infatuated 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | Attitude 


Liqui: Live Colorfully | Comfort Zone